Wallpaper Stripping in Auckland

Do you have wallpaper on your walls but want to redecorate now? The best approach is to remove the wallpaper, repair any problems with the wall, and then paint it or hang new wallpaper. We can help with all these processes and more at Good Job Painting & Plastering.

Our team has extensive experience of wallpaper stripping projects in Auckland, plus they have the latest equipment. This allows us to strip your wallpaper quickly while causing as little damage to the surface of your walls as possible.

Remember, you should resist the temptation of simply painting over existing wallpaper. Some people even hang new wallpaper on top of old. Neither of these approaches looks any good, plus it makes it more difficult in the future to remove the old, unwanted, and unusable wallpaper on your walls.

Using an expert wallpaper removal specialist in Auckland is a much better option – contact us today.

Skim Coating in Auckland

After removing wallpaper, it is common to find the wall is damaged. This could be damage that the wallpaper was covering up, plus wallpapering itself can also cause issues.

If the damage is minor it may be possible to complete a repair by sanding the wall down and filling in the cracks and holes. For more extensively damaged walls, however, skim coating is necessary.

Skim coating applies a thin layer of plaster to your existing wall to produce a perfectly smooth surface that is ready for decorating.

To get a quote for skim coating in Auckland, please contact us today on 0211455685.

Wallpaper Hanging in Auckland

We don’t just strip wallpaper at Good Job Painting & Plastering, and we don’t just paint and plaster either. As well as offering these services, you can also come to us if you need wallpaper hanging services in Auckland.

However complex the pattern or whatever the size of wall, our team will ensure the finish is perfect with the wallpaper fixed to your walls using high-quality materials.

Find out more by contacting us today.

Get a Quote for Wallpaper Removal and Hanging in Auckland

When you come to us at Good Job Painting & Plastering, you’ll get high standards of workmanship, excellent service, and a competitive price. This applies to all our services, including wallpaper stripping, skim coating, and wallpaper hanging.

Get a free, no-obligation quote today by calling 0211455685.

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